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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the play time?

It takes approximately 45 minutes.


  • Do I need to book in advance? 

We have limited space for each day, so making a reservation at least 1-2 days in advance is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

  • Is that any price difference between Children and Adults?

No, there is no price difference. Both adults and children will have the same price. Children will require more care and attention, and our staff will accompany them to ensure their comfort and safety.

  • What is the Age limit to play a Tree Bridge Zipline?

The age limit allowed is between  4 - 70 years old.


  • What is the maximum weight limit allowed?

The maximum weight limit allowed is 120 kg.


  • Is it safe to zipline for those with health conditions?

Ziplining is an energetic and strenuous activity, so we recommend checking with your physician if you have certain conditions such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, neck and back issues, dizziness, seizures, or debilitating fear of heights. If you are pregnant, you should NOT ride a zip line.

  • What kind of dress and shoes should we wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable outfits such as a  light shirt, pants or shorts and sports shoes or sneakers. We recommend wearing comfortable outfits such as a light shirt, pants or shorts and sports shoes or sneakers. It is recommended not to wear expensive jewelry or accessories.


  • Can we bring the camera and personal belongings?

As a zipline is an extreme sport, we recommend using a small camera such as a GoPro instead of a big camera. You should avoid bringing expensive personal belongings.


  • What is the cancellation  policy?

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hours before playtime. We do not collect deposits but in case you cancel last minute when you arrive at Tree Bridge Zipline, there will be 50 % charge of the cancellation fee.


  • How can we pay?

We accept only cash which you can pay upon arrival.

  • Can I join to see (accompanying) my friend or my kid to play but not do the zipline?

You can wait at our café without extra charge (if you come by yourself to our place). We only charge if you need to be picked up too (even if you are not going to play) for 400 Baht/person just for the roundtrip transfer.

  • How far is the waterfall from Tree Bridge Zipline?

It is only 200 meters away.


  • Can I visit the Tan Rua waterfall before heading back to the hotel?

You will have 30 minutes of relaxation and leisure time after the zipline journey so you can visit the waterfall before your departure.


  • Can we drive there ourselves?

Tree Bridge Zipline is located on the mountain. We do not recommend driving by yourself. A truck or four-wheel drive car is highly recommended if you wish to drive by yourself. 

  • When should I come if I plan to go there by myself?

We highly advise you to arrive  20-30 minutes before playtime.

Let us know if you have any questions

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